How to Run Successful Instagram Ads in India: Complete Guide

Instagram is now one of the most used social media in India. Millions of people use Instagram because of this, many businesses are using Instagram ads to sell more products, get more customers to visit their website or store, and connect with the people they want as customers. You need to learn advertise on Instagram in India is good plan and to understand how to use Instagram properly then read our this post.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are the paid posts that show up in people’s Instagram feeds when users scroll down through. The ads look just like regular Instagram posts, but they have show the word “Sponsored” on below the post then people know it is a paid advertisement.

Instagram ads can be photos, videos, carousels (which are several images grouped together that users can swipe through), or collections (which are groups of product photos and details that users can browse).

How to run Instagram Ads ?

There are some important points you should know when you start to running Instagram ads. This includes setting up your ad account properly and choosing the right kind of ad. All of these steps will be discussed below.

Set Up an Instagram Business Account

Before you can run ads on Instagram, you must to create an Instagram business account or professional account. If you already have a regular/personal Instagram account, you can easily change it to a Insta business account. Having a business account gives you access to special ad features, such as Instagram Insights which provides data about your account.

Switch to a professional account

  • Go to your Instagram settings
  • Now find the “Switch to a professional account” and tab.
  • Select a business category that best describes your business goals, then select business.
  • Now your Instagram successfully convert business account.

Define Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience on Instagram is very important for a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Your Instagram ads gives best result when show right people. You should clearly understand who is your ideal customer and what type of content they are interested in. Use Instagram’s analytics tools to learn more about your audience and how they behave on the platform.

You can find our your target audience from your existing Instagram account, Under “Insights,” go to “Audience.” Here, you can see vital statistics about your existing followers, including their gender, age and location.

Choose Your Ad Format

Instagram offer different types of ads format which you can use in running ads campaign including ads with photos, ads with videos, carousel ads (which have multiple images or videos), and story ads (which appear between people’s Stories). Choose the type of ad that works best for your goals and the content you want to promote.

Set Your Budget and Schedule

You can decide your ads budget and set a timeframe for your ads to run. You can choose between a daily or lifetime budget, and you can select a specific start and end date for your campaign.

Create Your Ad

Now it’s time to create your first Instagram ad. There are two ways to create Instagram ad campaigns: by boosting an existing post or by making a brand new ad through the Facebook Ads Manager tool. Boosting a post you’ve already shared is simple and you can do it directly in the Instagram app, but this method has fewer customization options compared to using the Ads Manager.

Method 1: Using Instagram Boost

Promoting one of your existing posts is the easiest way to start advertising on Instagram. This is simpler than using Facebook’s Ads Manager tool.

Steps to boost a post using Instagram Ads:

  1. Click “Boost Post” on the post you want to promote as an ad.
  2. Next, choose an objective. You have three options: increase profile visits, increase website visits, or increase messages (including WhatsApp messages).
  3. Then, define your target audience. You can let Instagram choose the audience for you based on your follower data, like age range and gender.
  4. You can also select to have the boosted post run on Facebook too.
  5. Now set your daily budget for how much you want to spend, and the time period you want the ad to run. You can set an end date, or let it run continuously until you stop it.

Method 2: Using Ads Manager

You can use Facebook’s Ads Manager tool to create ad campaigns for Instagram. This allows you to access Instagram’s advanced ad targeting options, creative formats, and performance reporting (remember that Facebook owns Instagram). To run Instagram ads through Ads Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Ads Manager account on Facebook’s website.
  2. Click “Create” to start a new ad campaign.
  3. Select the main objective for your ad, like increasing brand awareness, getting leads, or driving sales.
  4. Choose your target audience characteristics like demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.
  5. Set your campaign budget and scheduling.
  6. Under “Placements”, make sure to select “Instagram” to run your ads on Instagram.
  7. Create your ad content – this can be images, videos, or multiple images/videos in a carousel ad.
  8. Preview your ad to make sure it looks correct.
  9. Submit your finished ad for review.

Using Ads Manager provides more customization options compared to boosting posts directly through Instagram.

Tips to run successful Instagram ads in India

  • A deep understanding of who your target audience is and what kind of content they are interested in.
  • A well-planned ad campaign, with carefully chosen ad formats, targeting, and creative content.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of your ads over time based on their performance.

Final Word

By following the step-by-step process explained earlier – setting up an Instagram business account, defining your audience, choosing ad formats, creating the ads through boosting posts or Ads Manager, etc. You can run effective Instagram ads that reach your desired audience and meet your marketing goals.

To ensure your Instagram advertising in India remains successful, stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices. Be prepared to adjust your approach as needed based on what is working or not working with your campaigns.

With the right strategy and execution, Instagram can be a powerful advertising platform for businesses in India.

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